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“I stared into the eyes of Satan, until GOD, with every bit of his grace and glory lifted me above”

Christian Rocker - Isaiah was a good boy he was raised with a family who taught him about the lord. He had good friends and bad friends whom he would meet daily at school. As a teenager he experimented with various drugs vicodin, Ecstasy, cocaine and even heroin. Isaiah joined a band that played rock 'n roll they got lots of attention in the city of Pittsburgh. Always one to follow his gut, he walked away from his family, a law degree and life has he knew it.

He and his band decided to pack up and leave for the city of Hollywood California. Their they caught the attention of major record companies instantly they started touring cross country singing songs of fast women drug use assault and even suicide, he was living the life of Satan.

He thought he was happy but Isaiah wasn't he drowned himself with hard liquor, street pushers, and cheap hotel rooms. One night he checked in to one of these rooms on the Sunset strip not to sleep but to shoot cocaine into his arm this evening Isaiah overdosed he later said, “from the disturbance I was making the next door neighbor knocked and came in and found me having a series of convulsions. I was having an overdose. This stranger held my hands, prayed with me, rubbed my head with a cold towel, and then called 911 before the ambulance came he was gone, leaving behind a bible with underlined passages that I should read. I was touched.”

Isaiah knew his demonic band mates weren’t there, the pushers, fans of sin, and the harlots of the earth weren’t there. He knew in his near death experience he saw the light and that light was JESUS CHRIST.

He asked the clerk of the motel, who had stayed in the room beside him? The clerk told him that the room hadn’t been rented out in the past 3 days. Isaiah knew this was the Lords work and he knew he had to stop his evil ways, get off the road of sin and get onto the path of the Lord. He told his band mates they laughed, his record company dropped him, and finally his stripper and pusher friends abandoned him. Although Isaiah was not alone he found GOD.

Isaiah has begun to record songs about the lord. He praises Jesus everywhere he goes. Isaiah tells the sinners of Hollywood about the Lord. Isaiah knows this is no easy task but the fight for his Christian beliefs and love for Jesus is his life’s calling.

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